About Us

            Tides of Change Research and Conservation is a dream I have had since I was a young girl.  My entire life has been driven by a passion to conserve and educate people about our world's oceans.  I believe that as people are exposed to the amazing animals and beauty of the ocean through first hand experiences and education, they too will be driven to protect the breath taking world beneath the waves.  I have been lucky enough to work as a marine biologist in Hawaii for the last 20 years and strive to inspire other women and local children to pursue a career in resource management.                                           
              My vision has been to involve the community in the conservation/management of their local near-shore resources.  Communities can also form boards to help manage larger offshore areas used by open-ocean and roving species such as tuna and sharks.  I believe in a grass-roots form of marine resource management where local communities manage resources in a way that fits their needs and ensures the ocean's health is preserved.  


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Our oceans and their inhabitants are irreplaceable. Together we can protect them!

Our Mission

Tides of Change's mission is to arm the community with information and pathways to revitalize our oceans!


By providing educational resources, trainings and experiences we believe people will take action to help preserve our oceans and protect their incredible inhabitants.

Our Vision

A diverse group of ocean activist working to preserve our oceans and succeeding in materializing their shared vision of

a healthy planet and thriving communities.

Our goal is to increase involvement of all demographics and have a community of ocean activists as diverse as the ocean environments they are united in preserving for generations to come!


Things Happen.