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What We Do

Raising Awareness

Through our educational videos we reveal the wonders beneath the waves.  Bringing all into the underwater world to marvel at it's beauty, learn about its inhabitants, find ways to get involved in preserving our oceans health and restoring damaged areas.

Training Professionals

Through our ecotourism training individuals and business can learn how to become more blue, integrating earth friendly practices into their companies, buildings and tours.  Ecotourism guides are trained integral aspects of the Hawaiian environment, First aid and CPR, as well as how patrons can find ways to be earth friendly every day! 

Building A Community

Our goal is to strengthen and build a community of aware activist able to act on behave of their communities and our worlds oceans. By providing information for individuals and companies we believe armed with this knowledge communities will unite to stop environmental degradation and  environmental racism!

How Does It Work?

Tides of Change Research and Conservation is dedicated to preserving and healing our oceans through education and personal hands on experiences as well as opportunities for local communities to get involved with managing and protecting their marine resources.

Tides of Change offers a variety of ways to get involved and learn more about ocean resource management and conservation.  You can simply subscribe to our youtube channel to learn more about the ocean and how to be part of the blue movement.  If you live in or are visiting the Hawaiian Islands you can go on one of our epic ecotours or learn how to scuba dive with a trained marine biologist.  Business can hire us to conduct ecotourism trainings, scuba and safety trainings, consultancy services or become a sponsor.


Proceeds from our trainings, consultancy work and ecotours are used to create educational videos and hold community outreach events. Tides of Change is also supported through donations and funding from Hoku Kai Creations. 


You can also support our sister organization Hoku Kai Creations and bring a bit of ocean art into your home! Hoku Kai's mission is to fund science through art! 

Together we can add momentum to the blue movement and create positive change for oceans and ourselves!



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